Who We Are

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants are a group of people committed to maintaining a loving and prayerful presence outside of the abortion mills, where God's children are put to death. We unite ourselves with these victims in solidarity with their pain, as they are put to death at this modern day Calvary. We pray in reparation for the injustice being performed on their tiny bodies. Just as Mary and John lovingly stood and prayed beneath Jesus' Cross as he died, we wish to remain with these children in the hour that they we crucified.

We pray to obtain God's mercy for the abortionist and his staff who do the killing. The message of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants to the abortionist and all who help him to kill God's children is that, though we love them, we will never accept what they do.

We plead with our voices for the lives of the babies being carried in by the pregnant women who have scheduled appointments with the abortionist that day. We ask each mother to change her mind. We reach out to her with the love of Christ; we do not judge nor condemn her for what she is planning to do. We simply promise her support and assistance if she should change her mind, and prayers for her healing and conversion if she should proceed with the killing of her child.

Most of all, we love the unborn children who will be brought there that day. These children have been rejected by their parents, and are doomed to die. The only human love they may ever encounter in their short lives may be from those of us standing outside.

Mother Theresa, in her home for the dying, has the mission of giving human love to the poorest of the poor who are dying abandoned by all. She picks up discarded people from the streets and cares for them, so that they will not die without ever having experienced the love of Christ. This is what the Helpers of God's Precious Infants do for the little ones in the wombs of their mothers. We recognize them as our brothers and sisters, welcoming them into the human family. We embrace them, spiritually. We stand with them when they die. No one wants to be alone when they die. When our loved ones lay dying in intensive care units, we keep constant watch. Many prayers are said outside of the dying person's room. Even Jesus did not want to be alone before he died. He asked His apostles to watch with Him in prayer through the night. Our loving presence for the children at their hour of death will comfort the Heart of God, because they belong to Him.